Community Meeting – by a Seasoned Observer

by / Tuesday, 15 March 2016 / Published in News

Community Meeting

Community Meeting

I count myself lucky to have witnessed your school in action.

When I was invited into Brenden’s Thursday afternoon Community Meeting, I had an expectation – yet, I couldn’t have been more surprised! Simply put, I was blown away.

You’ve got a special place in Little Keswick School … truly unique.

Having spent the balance of my life with education, in teaching, and in the visceral-reality of how to elevate those who may be less-than-interested (said with a wink and chortle), in spite of my experience, I was mesmerized by the warm, welcoming, and controlled temperament of the meeting of these young men.

Clearly, the meeting I witnessed is the culmination of multiple LKS objectives.  What I saw seemed to be the effect of a well thought out, well-executed, and spine-straightening agenda/program. These clear-eyed young men appear fortified in an exercise that will serve them throughout their lives, regardless of their path. It’s very evident that you are not only educating your students, you are teaching these young men how to live.  ‘How to thrive within the relationships they esteem’ –and what could be more important for any of us to learn?

I appreciate our association and look forward to our next handshake.

With gratitude,

-Alex Patterson