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It’s that time of the school year when we get ready to say good-bye to our current interns and interview new ones for the summer and upcoming school year. It’s bitter sweet; we wish they would stay forever, but we are also excited about where they are headed next.

Laura Boothe, Julie Forino, and Sydney Morales joined the academic team at the beginning of the ’15-’16 school year from the University (of Virginia) Internship Program.  They quickly exceeded our expectations and strengthened the academic program, providing additional supports for our students and teaching staff. Their warm and caring personalities, ability to set firm yet nurturing limits, and their steadfast dedication to the boys shined brightly throughout the academic year.

They are ending their internship experiences as changed and enriched people, ready to move onto their awaiting jobs or graduate school programs. They will be greatly missed. Their contributions to the program have been far-reaching, and their affects on the students and staff may never be fully known to them, but their impact and influences have been profound.

Their responsibilities and experiences included but were not limited to the following:

  • 1:1 student behavioral support in classrooms
  • Opportunities for direct, whole class instruction
  • Starting and leading a x2/week Math Lab to provide 1:1 math tutoring for all levels
  • Leading a journalism elective and publishing a student newspaper
  • Participation in the multi-disciplinary Advisory Team Meetings and Quarterly Review Meetings w/ teachers, therapists (clinical psychologists, art, occupational, and speech), residential counselors, and program administrators
  • On-going professional development training opportunities
  • Supervising field trips
  • Classroom support staff duties
  • Supporting relaxation and stress management classes with an occupational therapist
  • Supporting students in afternoon activities including the horseback riding, wood shop, art, and athletics
  • Woodcock Johnson-IV administration, scoring, and report preparation


Intern Quotes:

Essentially all of my internship has been spent interacting directly with the students. Because of these interactions with staff and students, I am confident that I have gained many therapeutic skills including strong problem-solving, perspective-taking, and communication. – UVA/UIP Class of ‘16


LKS staff encouraged and fostered my skill acquisition through sharing advice through direct teaching and identified opportunities for me to gain insight through working with the students.  – UVA/UIP Class of ‘16


Being an intern at Little Keswick was easily the most rewarding and most meaningful experience of my fourth year at UVA.  – UVA/UIP Class of ‘16


Looking Ahead

As we look ahead to the opportunity to welcome new interns, we are scouting out talented and energetic university students who seek to make a real difference in the lives of LKS students. We are currently accepting internship applications for summer and/or ’16-’17 school year. We provide comprehensive training/orientation alongside new staff and whole-staff professional development throughout the year. Internship experiences are meaningful, broad, and based upon individualized interests of the interns as well as needs of the program. Paid employment outside the ten internship hours/week may be offered to qualifying individuals.

Information and Q & A Session

An information and Q & A session is scheduled for Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 3pm at Holloway Hall located in Bavaro, Room 116. Marc Columbus, Headmaster, and Jody Berkey, Academic Coordinator, will be hosting the session. Education, psychology, or related-field students seeking a meaningful internship experience working with students with learning, social, and/or emotional challenges in a therapeutic boarding school setting are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Questions/Contact Information

Interested candidates can direct questions to Jody Berkey, Academic Coordinator, at or 434-295-0457 ext 37.





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