Dr. Marty Thomson, Ph.D.

Clinical Director

Dr. Thomson brought his engaging and developmentally grounded therapy style to Little Keswick School more than ten years ago. He has held the position of full-time clinical director for nine years. Prior to coming to Little Keswick, Dr. Thomson provided clinical oversight for a school system serving over 50,000 students in the Midwest. Earlier in his career, Dr. Thomson was the director of psychological services for a special education cooperative, and worked in private practice, residential treatment, community mental health, and in-patient hospital settings. He has developed mental health programs for and consulted with school districts, churches, youth correction facilities, group homes, and public mental health caseworkers. Pre-graduate school experiences included hands-on work in residential treatment, juvenile justice programs, recreational camps, and wilderness therapy. Dr. Thomson earned his Ph.D. and Masters degrees from the University of North Texas, and completed his family therapy training at the Southwest Family Institute in Dallas. Before coming to LKS, Dr. Thomson chaired or served with a number of mental health/education cooperative initiatives, including the Task Force – Child in Need of Community Intervention, for the Kansas State Department of Health Care Policy. At LKS, Dr. Thomson’s clinical treatment involves facilitating boys’ natural development through relationship-based, experiential, and family systems interventions. His active love of the outdoors, fishing, hiking, and woodworking provide many sources of connection with our boys, and insight into their needs and interests. Dr. Thomson and his wife live near the campus with their four children, three dogs, and a coop full of chickens.