Richard Carlson

B.A. in English from George Mason University

Fifteenth year at LKS.

For the last fourteen years, Richard helped oversee the Residential Program as both a Support Counselor and Assistant Residential Coordinator. During that time, Richard was responsible for the supervision of the Monroe Dorm, as well as, the day-to-day planning of the Residential schedule. Now in his fifteenth year, Richard is excited to assist the Academic day in his role as Daytime Support Counselor. He brings over eight years of Support Counselor experience and has developed many problem-solving strategies to support students with any challenges that may arise. He takes great pride in his ability to collaborate with both staff and students to produce a successful outcome.

In addition to assisting students throughout the school day, Richard also enjoys teaching chess, playing disc golf around campus, fishing in the pond, and kicking the soccer ball around. He oversees the on-campus Jobs Program and directly implements real-world hiring practices in order to help students prepare for potential jobs outside of LKS.

Richard believes that recreation is an integral part of the LKS program and sees how the students benefit from their participation in the daily activities offered. He has never stopped learning from each relationship formed in the LKS community and looks forward to seeing what growth will come, year after year.

Certifications: The Mandt System (Staff Trainer Since 2003), Life Space Crisis Intervention