Student Council Experiences Virginia State Government

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Student Council with Delegate Rob Bell

Student Council Experiences Virginia State Government

As part of their role as the student council, council members took a trip to Richmond, where they met with Delegate Rob Bell and viewed a session of the Virginia General Assembly.



Last week, eight members of the Little Keswick Student Council braved freezing temperatures to participate in the oldest representative government in the United States. After arriving in Richmond, the students met with Rob Bell, the representative of the 58th district of Virginia, which includes Keswick. The students spent time asking Del. Bell about what duties he performs as part of his job and which issues were most important to him. Del. Bell then asked the students about the LKS community and student council. The students were excited to describe our culture and their role as representatives of the student body. Finally, Del. Bell explained to the students how the Virginia State Legislature is the oldest in the U.S., having started in 1619.

After meeting with Delegate Bell, the students visited the Virginia State Capital Building, which was designed by Thomas Jefferson. The council members had the opportunity to sit in the gallery of the House of Representatives and view the opening proceedings, including a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King. They also learned about the building’s role as the capital of the Confederate States during the Civil War.

Each student expressed enjoyment and interest in the opportunity to experience the Virginia State Legislature and understand how their roles as student council members involve some of the same responsibility and importance as that of Del. Rob Bell. As the group left Del. Bell’s office, each council member shook his hand, smiled, and thanked him for his time. This moment summarizes how our student council members not only represent the voice of our student body, but also the core Little Keswick values of respect and authenticity.

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