Success at Little Keswick School

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Success at Little Keswick School

After entering into middle school my son Cameron needed help. He had negative views of adults and authority and their lack of interest in his happiness, growth and development.  He was depressed about his lack of social success and took medication for depression, anxiety, and mood swings.  Cameron refused going to school, was unhappy with his prospects and future, and was emotionally volatile.  He lacked perspective and flexibility in all areas of life. While some treatments helped moderately, after years of difficult behavior and various levels of depression and anxiety, we decided to find a therapeutic boarding school.  After completing a wilderness program in North Carolina we enrolled Cameron at Little Keswick School.

We are so lucky to have found LKS because it was a very good match for Cameron.  LKS helped him learn to manage his emotions and behaviors and develop skills and self-confidence needed to mature and become who he is today.  Through structure, nurturing and multi-pronged approach, Cameron started to thrive again and understand his place in the world.  Within the first year, Cameron’s medication was reduced and then eliminated entirely.  Through on-going individual, group and family therapy he learned how to tune into his emotions and take other student’s perspectives, he was able to overcome his negative experiences and start to really learn how to bond with other students and adults again.  LKS encouraged growth through activities: school clubs, sports, art and dorm life.

Over our two years of entrusting Cameron to LKS, we learned to trust their advice and perspective on what Cameron needed to work on and how he was doing.  His second year was full of growth which allowed him to be a leader and mentor. He began work on advanced academics that he had previously enjoyed. LKS allowed Cameron to do online education through Stanford University taking college level courses in Math and Science. Cameron is now a mature, flexible, confident young person who is willing to work hard to achieve his goals. He is willing to risk himself in new ways. He was always a smart, caring, sensitive person and now these qualities can shine and he is happy and proud of himself again.  He left behind several close supportive relationships with teachers, counselors and staff as well as students at LKS.  LKS has made a tremendous impact on Cameron’s life and ours and we will forever be grateful.