Alex Dagitz

Residential Coordinator

B.A. in Sociology from Davis and Elkins College

Tenth year at LKS

Prior to LKS, I was a Wilderness Counselor at the Alldredge Academy in West Virginia for four years. At LKS, I started as a Jefferson Dorm Counselor, then moved to Residential Support Counselor, then Daytime Support Counselor, then the Daytime Shift Supervisor.

What brought you to LKS? The opportunity to work with a very diverse group of young people, with a picturesque setting, while teaching new, difficult and lifelong skills.

Favorite activities/hobbies: I am passionate about the outdoors: skiing, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking and canoeing or just going for a walk in the woods. I am an avid runner and also enjoy playing soccer.  I am in my fifth year coaching lacrosse at a local high school.

Something neat about yourself: I ran cross country while attending Davis and Elkins College