The culture at LKS saturates the community with an atmosphere of hope, promise, and belonging, resulting in a deep experience of being valued. Each student is known, supported, appreciated, and nurtured by each staff member through their daily triumphs, struggles, stumbles, and rebounds.

Students are taught to formally and informally accept, invite, include, appreciate, encourage, and help each other as they learn to navigate competing agendas and conflicting needs inherent in group living and daily life. We constantly strive to offer each other dignity and respect, as we work together to remove the barriers to each individual’s personal growth and ultimate goals.


LKS accepted [our son] with loving arms, a concrete plan of action and presented him with realistic goals executed by a competent staff. LKS allowed him to tap his potential, and guided him towards the skills he needed to become a confident, knowledgeable and motivated young man.
— A Parent from Georgia