Parent Testimonials

Parent Update June 2015

I am proud to inform you that Nick is graduating from Brandon Hall School (high school) next week with Honors. The road to this accomplishment has been neither smooth nor straight but with guidance and support, Nick has cleared this hurdle and has progressed nicely to the next. In the fall Nick applied to and… Read more “Parent Update June 2015”

Joelene Contrucci

What I have learned from LKS

Five years ago, we made the painful decision to send our 10 year old son to Little Keswick. The school is only a two and one-half hour drive from our home, but it seemed like he was moving across the ocean. Gradually, steadily, as the years have passed, not only has the distanced seemed closer… Read more “What I have learned from LKS”

Hope Esposito

Our Story

Our son had just turned 13 years old and we had been struggling with a variety of schools over many years that would just remotely touch on the services that he required to get through the school day. Academics were initially not the problem but his emotional limitations ended up affecting all aspects of his… Read more “Our Story”

Laura Hill

Success at Little Keswick School

Success at Little Keswick School After entering into middle school my son Cameron needed help. He had negative views of adults and authority and their lack of interest in his happiness, growth and development.  He was depressed about his lack of social success and took medication for depression, anxiety, and mood swings.  Cameron refused going… Read more “Success at Little Keswick School”

Cameron’s Mom