Afternoon Activities

Afternoon activities offered include Arts and Crafts, Wood Shop, Equestrian Program, and Enrichment Classes.


The arts and crafts program allows the student to use his creativity in drawing, painting, making models, working with clay, and creating ceramics. The students work on specific units and projects per quarter as well as projects of their choosing.



Shop_webWood Shop:

In wood shop, students first learn how to use both hand tools and power tools safely. Each student then makes a series of simple projects, to demonstrate that he has learned the techniques of each machine. After that, the student may choose to make a more complex project such as a table, clock, lamp, game, or bowl.


RidingEquestrian Program:

In the horseback riding program, each student is assigned a particular horse, which the instructor matches to the student’s skill level and personality. The student is responsible for taking care of the horse during his time in riding. This includes cleaning the horse, tack, and stalls, and managing the horse during riding time. Riding on horseback enhances balance, rhythm, spatial awareness, and flexibility. Relationship-building occurs simultaneously through human/animal bonding, instinct, and pure response.


Enrichment classes are run by the teachers to present a particular subject in a fun, engaging way. Enrichment classes have included sportsmanship, photography, journalism, games, informal Spanish, and resume writing.