The curriculum follows the Virginia Standards of Learning. As each student’s ISP/IEP is developed, accommodations to help the student be successful in the classroom are included.

Individual attention, teaching to learning styles, use of technology such as computers or visual aids, books and materials on a student’s level of comprehension, repetition, and oral test administration are just a few examples of these accommodations. When possible, hands-on learning is applied, especially in the subjects of science and history. Students may be assigned research projects or models, which explain a concept in greater depth.

Each classroom has several computers, and students may use the Internet, with teacher supervision, for research and investigation. Additional individualization of instruction is accomplished through tutoring sessions, specific remedial classes in math, spelling, and reading, and the adaptation for instruction for any area of academics. The teacher frequently assesses each student in order to monitor his mastery of understanding, as well as, to find better ways to teach to his individual learning style.

Concepts are presented both in small groups and individually to students in each class. Differentiation, a method of presenting material to a student on his specific level or need, is used extensively.

Residential life and academics are tied together, as students participate in study hall five days a week. Done within the classroom teachers assist students with their make-up assignments and homework.

Students are evaluated by formative assessments, summative assessments, process assessments, checklists, questionnaires, and confidence and observation logs. The Advisory Team meets and discusses each student in depth, formally once a quarter, or more as needed. Comprehensive quarterly progress reports are written by teachers and include academic progress, course grades, behavioral, and social/emotional progress.

Little Keswick School adheres to a high standard of academics while maintaining a balance with therapy and social development for each student. Our goal is to use a multi-disciplinary approach to treat the whole child, emphasizing cognitive, social, emotional, artistic, and athletic attributes to develop each child’s unique sense of self.

As one parent said, “You and your staff have glued our family back together with a much tighter bond than I ever thought possible. We are happier and closer and stronger than we have ever been. And look at our son—what he has accomplished and how far he has come! To say it is miraculous seems trite. We have LKS to thank for this."