Physical Education and Health


PE-2_webThe Physical Education curriculum uses a developmentally sequenced skill-based approach, emphasizing student success through sequential motor skill development. Physical Education classes are held five days per week.

Units covered include soccer, flag football, volleyball, recreational games, basketball, lacrosse, and swimming. Skills practiced in class are generalized to the residential recreation program during the athletic activity period. Special emphasis is placed on sportsmanship and participation in all activities. Soccer and basketball games are scheduled with a group of other small private schools in the local area to give students experience participating in competitive team sports.


Health topics are integrated within the LKS program rather than being taught in a separate Health class. Health topics include:

  • Emotional Health, including anger, depression, frustration, affection, and personal space
  • Physical Health, including diseases, diet, exercise, fitness, first aid, and personal safety
  • Social Health, including working with others, leadership, acceptance of self and others, significant others
  • Spiritual Health, including relaxation, interests, and hobbies
  • Occupational Health, including transitions, school, college, and jobs
  • Intellectual Health, including school, interests, goals, and ambitions

We address Health topics in context to the students’ development and the information is given to the boys at a relevant and appropriate time rather than in isolation in a Health classroom. Emotions are identified and described within the daily program and group work during dorm meetings. Physical topics in Health are covered in Physical Education, exercise in PE, and athletic activities. Some topics, such as first aid and personal safety, are covered during the residential program.

Social topics are dealt with during group times and within the daily program. Relaxation, interests, and hobbies are accentuated during the Friday Club times and Occupational Therapy. Topics involving transitions, school, future goals and ambitions are covered in school and during the transition groups held each spring. Additionally, several school-wide events are held relevant to Health topics.

A Career Fair, where adults talk to students about their jobs, and a Health Fair, where health professionals attend and talk to the boys about important health and hygienic care have both successfully supported the Health Curriculum at LKS.

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