Our Students


Boys are accepted between the ages of nine and fifteen at the time of enrollment, and come to Little Keswick from all over the Commonwealth of Virginia, the nation, and the world. Students who are accepted have a variety of learning, emotional, and behavioral challenges, and may be supported with medication management.

Our boys are average to superior intellectually, but come with complex challenges including learning difficulties, social difficulties, mood disorders, executive functioning problems including ADHD, cognitive processing issues, and self-regulation problems. Many of our students struggle with anxiety, fear, and frustration, which may manifest in the form of manipulation, confusion, opposition, inconsistency, social isolation, obsessions, or disorganized and poorly-regulated behaviors.

Applicants must have adequate cognitive abilities and perceptual stability to make use of our interventions. At some level, applicants must be able to build relationships, and implement strategies in order to access the program support.

Our students tend to be less sophisticated and less streetwise than typical adolescents and pre-adolescents. Therefore, we do not accept applicants with histories of legal involvement or conduct-disordered behaviors. We do not work with children who demonstrate patterns of physical aggression, sexual behaviors, or elopement.

The typical length of enrollment is one-two years. Funding may be from either private resources or state and local education agencies.


Little Keswick School radiates an attitude of peace and calm and confidence. I’m not sure whether I like the program more because it is a school or a home. It certainly provides the best qualities of both.
— Educational Consultant, New Jersey