Daily Life

Dorm Meetings

Each evening, students participate in a group meeting. This structured time is one key to building healthy dorm relationships and dynamics. During the meeting, students give and receive feedback, and reflect on their goals as individuals and as a group. Therapists attend these meetings once a week to facilitate group counseling and to introduce themes and goals for the dorm. During this time group and individual goals are monitored, and students learn how to effectively communicate.

Leisure Skills

Young boys fishing on the river bank at therapeutic boarding school for boysThroughout the residential program, students experience various ways of relating to others, as they learn life skills that are useful in relationships at school, at home, and in their community. Lessons in social skills, independent living, and recreational activities are provided daily. These daily activities range from scavenger hunts to dart tournaments. During these structured times, students have the opportunity to build relationships with peers from their dorm group. At the same time, students are exposed to a variety of leisure activities. Through these experiences students learn to structure their own down-time at Little Keswick and at home.

Smiling boy holds tho thumbs up at weekend carnival event - accredited residential treatmentTwice a week, during Clubs and Quest, students are able to choose their activity. These activities could include board games, cooking, rockets and models, fishing, and survival skills. During these times students socialize with peers from different dorms. While participating in the activities students practice social skills and form valuable friendships.

Chores & “Jobs” Program

Young boy holds rake near his dormitory: chores teach responsibility - therapeutic and nurturing environmentAll students who attend Little Keswick School help support the community. As a community, students and staff share chores on a daily basis. These include everything from sweeping floors, organizing shelves, and straightening up game closets, to taking out the trash. With chores built into the day and evening structures, students learn responsibility, organization, and a sense of community pride.

Along with daily chores, Little Keswick offers an on-campus Jobs Program. Students may express interest in working in a particular area on campus. One example of this is when students apply to work in our kitchen. Students then participate in a formal employment process by submitting an application and participating in an interview. Once “hired,” students work with a supervisor to continually evaluate their performance. The student is responsible for completing the job on a regular basis, finding a replacement when necessary, and maintaining contact with his supervisor. Besides kitchen helper, other examples of student jobs are horse helper and counselor helper. The Jobs Program is devised to build off of students’ strengths and to teach responsibility, a strong work ethic, and community pride.

Athletic Activities

Teenage boys play lacross at Little Keswick SchoolStudents of all ability levels participate in athletic activities on a daily basis. With an emphasis on health and fitness, students are encouraged to participate in group games such as soccer, lacrosse, basketball, softball, ultimate frisbee, flag football, tag, and cooperative learning games. Through these activities, students practice skills such as sportsmanship, leadership, and communication.

In addition to regularly scheduled athletics, Little Keswick has a soccer team and a basketball team in which all students participate. Students have practice throughout the year to develop the athletic skills needed to participate in games against local schools. Both on and off the field, Little Keswick players are known for their sportsmanship.

Weekend Schedules & Trips

Young teenage boy fishes on the river bank in a structured recreational activityWeekends at Little Keswick are packed full of structured activities. Throughout the weekend, students participate in community-wide activities such as soccer and basketball games. Individual dorms plan activities based on student interests that can include fishing, reading, drawing, sports, or canoeing. One staff and student favorite is Friday Night at the Movies. Most Friday nights, the entire community joins together in the dining area to watch a movie. Students bring their flashlights, blankets, and lawn chairs to sit in front of a large-screen television and enjoy a classic movie or new release. One Friday each month, students have a community night that includes Bingo and/or other games.

Young boy rock climbing during a weekend outing at Shenandoah National ParkHikes in Shenandoah National Park and other local spots are quite popular in the fall and spring. Other trips may include apple-picking, UVA sporting events, fishing, indoor swimming, and visiting local attractions such as Luray Caverns.

Each quarter, a special trip is planned to celebrate the success of the upper level students. Putting those high-level social skills to the test, these trips may include a day in Washington D.C., Kings Dominion, or canoeing down the James River.

A young boy in snorkeling mask at the swimming poolEvery year, the students who are transitioning on from Little Keswick attend an overnight camping trip at Virginia Beach. During this time students reflect on the personal goals they have reached and are able to celebrate the friendships and social gains they have made in their time at Little Keswick School.


School Spirit

Young boys sit on the dormitory steps in a playful moodThroughout the year our community celebrates many different festivities together. In October, students and staff participate in a Halloween day. A theme is chosen, and staff and students creatively dress in their best costumes. The day begins with trick-or-treating on campus, followed by a haunted house, hay rides, and costume contests. The evening ends late in the night at the dining hall, with a party full of games and treats. To end the night, students participate in breaking a piñata and doing the limbo before they head back to rest from all the fun.

Young man in a wolf mask holds thumbs up near the athletic field on HalloweenAt least twice a year, the staff and students participate in athletic events with one another. Just a few examples of this include staff-student basketball and softball games. In the gym or on the field, students and staff run around with smiles and energy. Songs, halftime shows, and a visit from the school mascot, the Timber Wolf, make these games a time to remember.

In the spring, Little Keswick holds our very own three-mile running/walking event. Students and staff participate and celebrate as each staff and student works toward his/her own personal goal of crossing the finish line. At the end of the event, all participants receive a t-shirt and a finisher’s medal to mark their accomplishments. The occupational therapists join us with massage booths for our tired and sore muscles, as staff and students sip on sports drinks and eat granola bars.

Teenagers pose on the soccer field at a weekend athletic eventOther examples of campus fun at Little Keswick include a Superbowl party, a chili cook-off, and a yearly Spirit Week/Carnival. Each event demonstrates the excitement and sense of community Little Keswick thrives on.

School Culture

Boys with multiple ethnic and cultural backgrounds pose in the snow for group photo Little Keswick School maintains an intimate relationship-based community where students are known and appreciated as individuals, and are encouraged to function as an important part of their group and the school as a whole. We teach and emphasize the themes of supporting others, choosing your attitude, and joining and belonging within the greater community.

Young boys in the cafeteria at lunchFailures are understood as barriers to be overcome together, rather than evidence of character flaws. Attention to detail within a highly-structured environment clearly defines pathways to success. Students become aware of the effects of their behaviors on others, and are taught strategies to achieve social acceptance and success. Our students learn to celebrate and encourage the successes of their peers during community and dorm meetings.