Animal Assisted Therapy

Changing lives through the Human-Animal Connection

The Human-Animal connection through Animal Assisted Therapy provides comfort, motivation, affection and inspiration moment by moment, touch by touch. Animals are remarkable in that they influence our lives and teach us lessons. No matter where we are animals can bring trust, understanding, and connection.

At Little Keswick School, our students’ growth and development are directly influenced by the relationships they have with staff and animals on our campus. From fish tanks in classrooms, to horses in the Equine program, to the highly trained assistance and therapy dogs our boys are continuously building a deeper understanding of themselves and the greater world through their interactions.

There are core areas in our social-emotional curriculum where the impact of interacting and working with an animal is unparalleled. These Human-Animal interactions provide the opportunity for our students to experience the following benefits: Empathy, Nurturance, Acceptance, Outward Focus, Rapport, Mental Stimulation, Physical Contact/Touch, Physiological benefits, and Entertainment.

Animal Assisted Therapy at Little Keswick provides social bridges for students who experience failure in social situations. Our animals help children form healthy attachments, increase verbal interactions, promote the development of leisure/recreation skills, decrease anxiety, decrease isolation and improve attention. The most advanced technology capable of transforming the lives of people sometimes has a cold nose and a warm heart.