Clinical Overview

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Little Keswick School’s clinical team consists of four clinicians with specific roles and responsibilities. We have two full-time doctorate level psychologists, a full-time licensed clinical social worker and a consulting child psychiatrist who carries a small treatment caseload and provides medication management for all students. This clinical team collaborates extensively with administrative, academic, and residential staff to direct and coordinate student support and treatment.

The clinical team directs an advisory team process, provides staff training, and consults on programmatic issues. Most importantly, the clinical team guide and support the relationship-based interactions that occur continuously between students and staff members in our community. The consulting child psychiatrist gathers and disseminates data from all aspects of the program to use in provision of our students’ psychiatric care. Students meet with these therapists weekly for individual and group therapy, and twice each month for family therapy via face to face sessions, teleconferencing or video conferencing.

Individual Therapy

Students meet with their assigned therapists each week for individual therapy.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is scheduled twice each month via face to face sessions, teleconferencing or video conferencing. Ongoing family therapy supports the central role of the family in their son’s growth and treatment. That connection also serves to support and shape the family system toward the development of an effective, supportive environment for their son upon transition, and to facilitate the extension of gains from this community to the family and home.

Group Therapy

Group therapy  relevant to individual developmental levels is provided to each student by each of our three therapists. These sessions include process groups, activity groups and cover a wide range of treatment goals and topics.

Medication Management

Medication management is done on site by our Consulting Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Dr. David Byrnes. He is an integrated part of the LKS advisory teams and works with all of our families. Dr. Byrnes is on campus three days per week.